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Target Pro Play Diamond Steel Points 32mm

Target Pro Play Diamond Steel Points 32mm Hover over image for close up

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Target Diamond Pro Point Steel Tips
 ( 1 Pack of 3 points ) total length is 32mm. please note due to design these points grip will wear down
and with all points that are adapted with grooves etc,  the points will ALWAYS be slightly weaker in strength
available in Silver Or Gold
Have these fitted into your new darts purchased from our website ,
or send your own in to be repointed by us here at a180 darts !!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Redpath says:-

"Played with these for 20mins before one of the points snapped hitting the treble 20 wire. Poor quality. Have ordered another set to replace point & give them another chance. Tweeted a180 & target about this with a picture but got no reply. Disappointing."

Jamie mugford says:-

"Will these beat up your dart board do any one know?"

Eric Daniel says:-

"I have been using the same set of points for about 3 years now (with use almost every day). I find that they still grip into the board as well as they did on day one. Keep them clean and they won't let you down."

phil pestell says:-

"I have brought two different types of target Points, well when i say different i mean they have different packaging and last longer with the second set.
maybe due to previous bad feedback, if this is the case they listened and corrected brilliantly.
regardind the packaging, people who have had them when they first came onto the scene will instantly know they have they new ones or old style."

Ryan Denley says:-

"a lot of people claim that the grip on these points wear down quickly, these are not finger grip poitns they are board grip points. if you run your nail down the point you can still feel divets in the point and grip the board really well, i am still using the same set of points i bought after they first came out!

A180 says: The Target points are a quality point but do wear down if you are using them for fingergrip."

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