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Pure White Polymer dart shafts/stems

Pure White Polymer dart shafts/stems

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short 40mm
medium 54mm
Price: £0.43 (ex VAT) (£0.52 inc VAT)
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These are new Pure White polymer dart shafts/stems
these are 2ba thread
one set of 3 single dart stems/shafts
available in short and medium
40mm and 54mm
also available in a bright pink colour.
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Harry Frith says:-

"These are not the regular deflectagrip nylons, they have a different end which does reduce the amount of robin hoods, BUT the stem does not hold flight very well at all, I even have had flights come out on the flight to the board, only twice but that was enough, the tangs just didn't have very much purchase at all.

A shame as they do look good, but as we know looks ain't everything."

Mal Vintis says:-

"Literally "brilliant" White!! I have just started using White Poly flights with a new set of barrels moving over from a black and white design and there is no comparison for matching, the standard "white" stems never looked right but these look fantastic"

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