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Target Adrian Lewis SILVER 90% Tungsten Darts World Darts Champion GEN 1

Target Adrian Lewis SILVER 90% Tungsten Darts  World Darts Champion GEN 1 Hover over image for close up

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Darts Weight:
SILVER 21 grams
SILVER 23 grams
SILVER 25 grams
Price: £39.96 (ex VAT) (£47.95 inc VAT)
(Normal Price: £33.29)
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Target Adrian Lewis Silver 90% Tungsten Darts. 
2012 World Darts Champion and Uk Open Champion 2014
90% Tungsten.New 2012 Target's World Champion Darts.PDC World Champion
Comes with:
  • One set of 3 90% Tungsten Barrels
  • One set of 3 World Champion Adrian Lewis Flights
  • One set of 3 Nylon Shafts
  • Presentation Packaging
Weight And Barrel Type Width Length
21 grams 6.4mm 49.5mm
23 grams 6.4mm 50.5mm
25 grams 6.4mm 54.5mm
ADRIAN LEWIS 'JACKPOT' DARTS Click on Adrian Lewis here for his Full range of Darts Equipment

Benjamin Francis says:-

"I have had these darts 5 days and have hit some of my highest scorers to date. They fly lovely. I used the darts with the Lewis flights and stems that came pre-packed for a few darts but these got battered up but I guess I have played a lot with them as it's holidays! I would recommend short stems and specifically short target pro grip stems white or black much like Lewis himslef. As for flights it doesn't matter I personally like Ruthless flights as I feel they are tough but also not to brittle or too heavy.

Back to the darts themselves. The grip does look like its a bit too grippy but I don't think so if you grip your dart at the front its not really for you as they don't seem to fly well. I suppose if you throw like Lewis himself then buy these darts (i.e. grip and back and have hand down barrel) The darts come already assembled which I like as you can throw immediately. You get no case! but to be fair who keeps them anyways! They come with a 'life-time barrel' but mine already show signs of dents (5 days play) They come with a weight promise 0.05 grams precise.

The main disadvantage is the points that come lovely and silver coated and look brilliant, they scrape off easily once you group darts or scrape wires or bounce out. Underneath is a much darker colour more dark grey as opposed to silver.

In conclusion these darts are meant for Lewis, IMO fly lovely if you throw them well, the points wear down, use pro grip stems, any flights and see how you get on.

4 out of 5"

Richard Plowman says:-

"Personally, I don't like them as much as his old Unicorn weapons. In fact watching Lewis lately he seems to be throwing his old darts again, unless Target have machined him some identical ones. Nice looking, nice weight, but I just don't like them."

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