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Dart Sports WaXX in a Compact Jar none slip

 Dart Sports WaXX in a Compact Jar none slip

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Price: £7.46 (ex VAT) (£8.95 inc VAT)
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A special blend of (hydrocarbon-aliphatic

and microcrystalline) waxes to increase the grip between hand and barrel.

Will keep your fingers firm and dry without feeling sticky!

Reduces the risk for the dart slipping to nil and will help

provide a precise shot!
This WaXX is allready on trial by several world class dartplayers!

stewart sim says:-

"Have tried chalk but this is a lot cleaner and more effective. Have fewer stray darts and don't have to worry about chalk marks (only if I have to mark the board if I lose) great product."

Anonymous says:-

"I have found this wax really helpfl. People say at it makes no difference but I know it dos. I play without it and I find my darts slip, with it almost no slip. Now that I am near the bottom of the tub it needs a little roughing up to get the best grip from it but thats no prob. I think this is a good product for those who feel their darts are getting away from them once in a while.

A180 says: This is our best grip wax and the best one we have seen on the market up to now"

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