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Mark Hylton to help School children with darts programs

Melvyn & Mile High Launch Darts4Schools

cash4clothes.co.uk mascot Melvyn and PDC darts professional Mark "Mile High” Hylton will be launching their darts4schools program at Cannock Rileys on March 2nd. The program involves schools or community clubs setting up dart clubs and receiving benefits through recycling.

Melvyn has become involved in darts through sponsoring Mark in the Professional Darts Corporation. The benefits of darts for pupils and young people are many fold. Tracey Sutcliffe, of Hednesford Valley High is backing the scheme and will advise start up clubs where needed, she says "darts has been of enormous benefit to many of our pupils, teamwork, numeracy, community spirit and interaction with mainstream schools are just some…”

Darts4Schools launch event will see professional appearances, a competition to find a new young darts star and a doubles knockout for families & friends. Opportunity to find out more about the scheme and the benefits of recycling as will the assistance of Tracy & former pupil & club champ David Galaska in getting starting.

Darren Coggins of European Textile Recycling is fully backing Mark & Melvyn’s plan " it is great to be involved in supporting a scheme designed to be of benefit to young peoples benefit, the benefits of recycling are enthusiastically adopted by the young and the explosion in darts popularity seems an ideal partner to encourage taking part in activities & working together to achieve a goal.

Clubs will be able to receive free & subsided equipment as well as visits from professionals and chance to take part in the Darts4Schools championship events annually. Any school or club wishing to register or find out more should visit www.mark-mile-high-hylton.com or contact us via mile-high@live.co.uk

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