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East Kent Darts Academy Celebrates Its 2nd Birthday

We at A180 are very proud to support youth darts all over the country and nothing illustrates the effect that good support and hard work can have on young dart players than the East Kent Darts Academy. The guys down there commit a lot of time and effort to support youngsters from their area. We have been very proud to support this organisation which has recently celebrated it's 2nd year and would like to thank Andy Davis for his kind words:
"It all started at Goddens darts shop in canterbury where i saw there was an academy and asked if they would like a hand if they ever needed it, as a former county player i thought that maybe my knowlege of the game might be of some use to the academy and when i next called in the shop they asked for my assisstance as the person that was teaching the guys had county commitmants of his own and could not attend the academy that often so i took over from him with around 5 guys that wanted to learn about this great game of ours . Then i was time to leave the shop as the academy was getting to big for the shop so we moved down the road to The First and Last Public house where we had loads of room and 5 boards which was great .Then the Academy started to grow and i had to start thinking about shirts for the guys so i found A180 on the internet and had a chat with Karl and now all we deal with is A180 . So as the academy has grown i had to think of things for the guys to do in the three hours they are there so twice a month is practice weeks and two competion weeks they play for the player of the month trophy  if they win it three months in a row they win it for good and they aslo have a trophy knockout singles comps and doubles comps once a month. As the guys have grown they have started to go to some comps and started to get there names known in the darting world of youth so far  Harry Gilson has got to the quarter finals at brean sands .I have had 5 of the guys join the Kent Youth squad under the watchfall eye of Greg Venables and they are doing great and Jack Warner (Jackhammer).has just came runner up in the Kent open youth  and he is 12 wow. We now have 30 members split into two sections A.and B we also have three young ladies that have joined us aswell so look out Trina and Deta haha. The members all practice very hard when they are at home as every week i see them they have improved and for kids aged 7 to 17 thats great .we had a treet for us in dec 2011 when Bob and Sally Anderson called in on us to see what we was all about and i think he was impressed with the standard of the darts that guys there age where throwning .we have been going for two years in march and without A180s help we wouldnt be where we are today so many thanks
to Karl for his help and looking forward to the years ahead of youth Darts."

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