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Opening session of the Coral UK Open Starts Friday 6th March 11.45 on ITV4

THE board allocations for the opening session of the Coral UK Open have been confirmed, with former major title winners John Part and Kevin Painter set to grace the Main Stage at the Butlins Minehead Resort.

The £300,000 tournament, featuring a combination of 149 professional stars and amateur qualifiers who have won through knockouts held in Rileys Sports Bars, will be played from March 6-8 at the Butlins Minehead Resort, live on ITV4.

Play on the opening day sees matches held across eight stages simultaneously, with the afternoon session featuring the preliminary, first and second rounds being played.

The leading 32 professional qualifiers, including reigning champion Adrian Lewis, World Champion Gary Anderson, Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen, will then enter the fray in Friday night's third round - with the open draw meaning that top stars could meet at any point.

Former PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Order of Merit winner Ben Ward will kick off the tournament's preliminary round on the Main Stage in the Skyline Pavilion when he faces Jason Lovett, the Norwich thrower who won a PDC Tour Card last month.

Rory Duffy, the son of former women's world number one Linda Batten-Duffy, then faces Adam Huckvale in a second preliminary round game on the Main Stage.

Three first round games will follow, with South Africa's Devon Petersen facing Matt Clark, three-time World Champion John Part up against Dutch newcomer Mike Zuydwijk and reigning PDC Unicorn World Youth Champion Keegan Brown facing Rileys Qualifier Mick Brooks.

The Main Stage will then feature five Second Round games, kicking off with Australian ace Kyle Anderson facing York's experienced Terry Temple.

Kevin Painter, the former Players Championship Finals winner, then takes on Jamie Bain before UK Open debutant James Wilson takes on Stoke's Mark Frost.

Dean Winstanley then plays Ireland's William O'Connor before former PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event winner Ryan Harrington - the son of two-time World Matchplay champion Rod - makes his televised debut against either Gerwyn Price, Matt Padgett, Stuart White or Matthew Tedstone.

The action on Stage Two in Reds Bar at the Butlins Minehead Resort will kick off as Rileys Qualifiers John Ferrell and Paul Dawkins meet in the preliminary round, before former World Championship finalist Mark Dudbridge plays Lloyd Pennel.

Another star of the PDC's Youth Tour, Adam Hunt, then meets former UK Open semi-finalist Alan Tabern in the first round before Wes Newton - the 2011 UK Open runner-up - plays York left-hander Martyn Turner.

Holland's Dirk van Diujvenbode then plays either Mark Layton or Tommy Sanwell - both Rileys Qualifiers - with Jay Foreman meeting either Dave Ladley or Kevin Edwards before Stuart Kellett faces Graham Hall or Robbie Green.

Premier League star Stephen Bunting then takes to Stage Two for a second round clash with one of three possible Rileys Qualifiers, with another former Lakeside Champion, Christian Kist, also in action.

The action continues with Stages Three-Eight in the Centre Stage area of the Butlins Minehead Resort, with Stage Three featuring the tasty all-Dutch clash between teenager Jeffrey De Zwaan and fellow youngster Benito van de Pas.

Stage Four's games include experienced Alex Roy - one of ten ever-presents since the UK Open's introduction in 2003 - taking on either Ferrell or Dawkins, while Belgium's Ronny Huybrechts, Dutch duo Joey Ten Berge and former UK Open semi-finalist Andy Jenkins will also be competing.

Experienced Steve Hine takes on Scotland's Mark Barilli and Steve West takes on Colin Fowler, a star of the PDC's Challenge Tour last year, amongst the games on Stage Five, where Joe Cullen and Joe Murnan also kick off their challenges.

Stage Six's preliminary round games include Rileys Qualifier Hall taking on Green, while emerging star Josh Payne faces Lionel Sams before the likes of Dennis Smith, John Bowles, Kevin McDine and Ronnie Baxter enter the action.

Welsh ace Gerwyn Price, a shooting star on the circuit in 2014, kicks off the preliminary round action on Stage Seven against Matt Padgett before Rileys Qualifiers Dave Parletti and Bradley williams face off.

Former World Championship qualifiers Johnny Haines and James Richardson then meet on Stage Seven, which also features youngster Shaun Griffiths up against Jon Jukes, former World Youth Championship finalist Ricky Evans, Dutchman Jan Dekker and recent Tour Card winner Matthew Edgar.

Experienced pair Wayne Jones and Darren Webster are amongst the players in action on Stage Eight, alongside young duo David Pallett and Nathan Derry.

The draw for the third round of the Coral UK Open will be made at the conclusion of the second round on Friday March 6.

Coral UK Open
Friday March 6
Afternoon Session (11.45am-5pm)
Main Stage
Preliminary Round

Jason Lovett v Ben Ward
Rory Duffy v Adam Huckvale
First Round
Matt Clark v Devon Petersen
John Part v Mike Zuydwijk
Mick Brooks v Keegan Brown
Second Round
Terry Temple v Kyle Anderson
Jamie Bain v Kevin Painter
James Wilson v Mark Frost
William O'Connor v Dean Winstanley
Ryan Harrington v Price/Padgett/S White/Tedstone

Stage Two
Preliminary Round

John Ferrell v Paul Dawkins
Lloyd Pennel v Mark Dudbridge
First Round
Adam Hunt v Alan Tabern
Wes Newton v Martyn Turner
Dirk van Duijvenbode v Layton/Sanwell
Jay Foreman v Ladley/Edwards
Hall/Green v Stuart Kellett
Second Round
O'Donnell/Duffy/Huckvale v Stephen Bunting
Christian Kist v Finnan/McEwan/Acott/Moss
Woodhouse/Prins/Stevenson v Payne/Sams

Stage Three
Preliminary Round

Chris Packer v Jamie Robinson
Connie Finnan v James McEwan
First Round
Darren Johnson v Ricky Sudale
Nick Fullwell v Lee Evans
Lovett/Ward v Mark Cox
Derek Brand v Hogan/Russell
Second Round
Jeffrey De Zwaan v Benito van de Pas
Newton/Turner v Jukes/Griffiths
Part/Zuydwijk v Brooks/Brown
Andy Smith v Pallett/Pennel/Dudbridge

Stage Four
Preliminary Round

Mark Layton v Tommy Sanwell
Dave Prins v Simon Stevenson
First Round
Joey Ten Berge v Brett Claydon
Johnny Clayton v Jermaine Wattimena
Price/Padgett v S White/Tedstone
Alex Roy v Ferrell/Dawkins
Second Round
Nathan Apsinall v Chris Dobey
Ronny Huybrechts v Fullwell/L Evans
Douglas/Robinson/Bowles v Andy Boulton
K Smith/Todd/Dale/Daniels v Andy Jenkins

Stage Five
Preliminary Round

Stuart White v Matthew Tedstone
Dave Ladley v Kevin Edwards
First Round
Mark Barilli v Steve Hine
Steve West v Colin Fowler
Hardy/Sanders v Mike De Decker
Luke Woodhouse v Prins/Stevenson
Second Round
Joe Cullen v R Smith/Hudson
Dean Stewart v Haines/Richardson
Hall/Green/Kellett v Joe Murnan
Brand/Hogan/Russell v Johnson/Sudale

Stage Six
Preliminary Round

Stephen Hardy v Dean Sanders
Graham Hall v Robbie Green
Adi Acott v Ian Moss
First Round
Mark Jones v Jason Wilson
Josh Payne v Lionel Sams
K Smith/Todd v Dale/Daniels
Douglas/Robinson v John Bowles
Second Round
Barilli/Hine v Dennis Smith
Clayton/Wattimena v Kevin McDine
Foreman/Ladley/Edwards v Aaron Turner
Parletti/Williams/Fairweather v Ronnie Baxter

Stage Seven
Preliminary Round

Gerwyn Price v Matt Padgett
Dave Parletti v Bradley Williams
Scott Dale v Nigel Daniels
First Round
Johnny Haines v James Richardson
Jon Jukes v Shaun Griffiths
Gary O'Donnell v Duffy/Huckvale
Finnan/McEwan v Acott/Moss
Second Round
M Jones/Jason Wilson v West/Fowler
Ricky Evans v van Duijvenbode/Layton/Sanwell
Hardy/Sanders/De Decker v Jan Dekker
Mold/Packer/J Robinson v Matthew Edgar

Stage Eight
Preliminary Round

Paul Hogan v Lee Russell
Kevin Smith v Mick Todd
Steve Douglas v Mark Robinson
First Round
Rob Smith v Peter Hudson
Jason Mold v Packer/J Robinson
Parletti/Williams v Arron Fairweather
David Pallett v Pennel/Dudbridge
Second Round
Nathan Derry v Hunt/Tabern
Clark/Petersen v Lovett/Ward/Cox
Roy/Ferrell/Dawkins v Darren Webster
Wayne Jones v Ten Berge/Claydon

Session Schedule

Please note that stages will be in the following areas of the Butlins Minehead Resort:
Main Stage - Skyline Pavilion
Stage Two - Reds Bar
Stages Three-Eight - Centre Stage

Friday March 6
Afternoon Session (11.45am-5pm)

Preliminary/First Round - Professionals 65-117 from UK Open Order of Merit & 32 Rileys Amateur Qualifiers
Second Round - First Round Winners & Professionals 33-64 from UK Open Order of Merit
Played on eight boards

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
Third Round - Second Round Winners & Professionals 1-32 from UK Open Order of Merit
Played on eight boards

Saturday March 7
Afternoon Session (11.45am-5pm)

Fourth Round - Last 32
Played on four boards

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
Fifth Round - Last 16
Main Stage & Stage Two

Sunday March 8
Afternoon Session (12.45pm-5pm)

Main Stage

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
Main Stage

Preliminary/First/Second Rounds - Best of nine legs
Third/Fourth/Fifth Rounds - Best of 17 legs
Quarter-Finals & Semi-Finals - Best of 19 legs
Final - Best of 21 legs

Courtesy of PDC TV

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