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Please help our Dart playing Customer George MacKen, in a small way for his last darts trip

Anyone out there help a good customer and friend of ours PLEASE SHARE ON YOUR TIMELINE. OR #RT on Twitter ( from Ireland originally ) Lives now with his wife and 2 year old Boy in Canada. I did laugh at his video on his wall ( for those who can See it ), George Was diagnosed with Motor neurone disease. a few months back. Matter of time before he will not be able to play darts again, He has been picked to represent his area in darts for the last time, We are looking for £500 To Sponsor this man . ASAP.Stephen Bunting Target Darts Unicorn Darts Harrows Darts Our good Friend George Macken came to the Uk on a visit before his baby was born, Visited the A180 darts shop and delighted to meet Bunting here and a great man to talk to. , Who talked very clearly on that visit and We have his picture here at a180 darts shop. Very sad to here him speak like that. But great to see he still has a sense of Humour in this recent video.
Dr's say George has motor neurone disease, they estimate he has anywhere between 3 to 5 yrs to live before he can do NO More. So If you can help. I want to raise £500 to cover all his trip costs, The nationals are the 1st week of June 2014.. 
George does Not have a paypal account, if you can donate Some Money , 

send a papal paypal direct to  gspark1969@live.co.uk just a few pound will be fantastic
All money raised Will be sent to george, 
Do hope you can help him have his last darts trip BEFORE the disease it takes hold of him. 
Thanks Karl Dawn, and all of us At A180 Darts.

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